A Complete Solution for Compliance

FOIA / Redaction / RTK

FOIA / Redaction / RTK

Timely, Compliant Fulfillment of FOIA and Public Records Requests

NimbleSystems offers a complete solution for compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, Public Records Act and other state-level public records laws. With Kaleidoscope, agencies are able to search for records in response to a request, review those records to determine whether they can be released – in whole or in part – and accurately produce redacted content to the requesting party or publish it for public access.

Smarter Public Records Fulfillment: The Power of AI

NimbleSystems uses the latest AI technology to automatically discover, classify and index data, accelerating and automating request workflows.

Organize and Classify

With NimbleSystems, you can tackle even the largest document set. Our classification module automatically codes all documents by type, such as emails, memos, court documents, market analysis, financial reports, agendas, minutes, site reports, lab reports, etc. Classification allows users to find target documents quickly.

Identify and Redact Sensitive and Private Information

In addition to text analytics, our approach uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze patterns in metadata and other properties, quickly finding names, addresses, account numbers, Social Security numbers, financial and credit card data, health information and other private data. Easily redact sensitive data in compliance with FOIA exemptions, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, HIPAA and other privacy laws.

End-to-End Request Management

With NimbleSystems you can search, locate requested content, redact and produce documents for the requestor under tight deadlines. From collection through production, you have the flexibility and speed to handle small or large-scale FOIA requests and investigations.

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